Raise funds for your project or initiative online

Increase your capacity and ability to obtain funds and donations online with your own custom fundraising portal

Obtain donations online to meet your objectives

Need to raise funds or obtain donations to meet your objectives? We can develop a beautiful tailor made website specifically designed to help you increase your ability to obtain donations and raise funds online..

Track and manage donations and donor contact details

Easily track and manage donor contributions, and contact details on your very own fundraising portal. Stay in contact with your contributors easily and send messages and receipts directly to them once they donate through a custom built CRM and email campaign manager.

integrate with your preferred merchant processor

Want to use your bank as a processor, or would you like to accept payments, raise funds or take donations in a multitude of ways? We can achieve that by integrating your favorite merchant processor or payment method into your fundraising portal, giving you more control on how you take in donations.

Let's make an impact together

Interested in developing a program or service for your community? Let’s work together!