We have created and launched a community development web-app for the city of Reading, PA called RDGHelp. This website allows users to browse through a database of community groups and non profit organizations that offer free services to their community and provides them with the information they need to obtain those needed resources.

In these tough times, it is crucial for our communities to stay united and together. We need to work together and collaborate on innovative ways to alleviate the problems of our fellow citizens, and also work to make our communities more resilient and able to handle future shocks that may impact our society. RDGHelp will be a tool that residents of Reading, PA can use to search for resources in their communities such as food, shelter, medical assistance and more resources or services provided by their local community groups and non profit organizations.

If you are in Reading, PA, I invite you to take part in this program and help keep our database updated. If you know of any resources, community groups, or non profit organizations that should be listed on the platform, go right ahead and add them by clicking on the “Add A Resource” tab in the navigation menu.  Your contribution can help improve the lives of others in need. Join our efforts and lets keep our communities united, together.