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Web Meeting Troubleshooting

Before we start everything, make sure you are using a supported browser. We recommend using Google Chrome, but Safari or Firefox are okay.

Supported Web Browsers

Desktop | Laptop

Chrome, Firefox, or Edge

IOS Device | MAC

Mobile iOS (12.2+) & Safari

Android | Google

Mobile Android (6.0+) & Chrome

Setting Up on Google Chrome

Other Trouble Shooting Tips...

  1. Check if the browser has given the BigBlueButton meeting link permission to use the microphone or camera. If not, you need to give permission and join the audio or share the camera again.
  2. If it still doesn´t work, then switch browsers, from chrome to Firefox or Firefox to chrome.
  3. If it still doesn’t work, then restart the computer and do it again.
  4. After you tried those solutions and it still does not work, contact tech support
  1. Check if the User was doing correct procedures to share the screen. Users need to permit the browser to share the screen and don´t forget to click share.  
  2. If it still doesn´t work, then switch browser, from chrome to Firefox or Firefox to chrome. 
  3. If it still doesn´t work, then restart the computer and do it again.  
  4. After you tried those solutions and still not work, contact tech support and remember to provide the error code information and screenshots. It will be helpful for the tech support team to debug the problem and quickly fix it.  

If only one user has this problem, first of all, try to mute this User; otherwise, this User will keep the entire meeting room noisy.  

Then suggest this User do the following,  

  1. Try to use the Data Saving mode. A poor internet connection may cause it. 

  2. Remove a headset or do not use a Bluetooth headset. sometimes this problem caused by hardware  

    If all users or most of the users have this voice problem, you need to contact tech support since the server probably has some connection issues or server overload. 

Usually, .this problem is caused by one of the users, or some of the users have a noisy background.

You can easily find this User from the left and top side of the panel, where it will flash the user icon when someone talks.

The best practice is to mute all users except the host or presenter. Or you can lock the User to use a microphone and only give permission when you need this User to talk, 

If one User suddenly dropped, first make sure this User didn´t logout of the meeting by himself.

If not then the possible reason is this User´s connection is dropped.

  1. Check if there is another moderator in the room, and he may mistakenly click end meeting when he is trying to logout.  
  2. If the moderator has not joined or has joined but has taken no action for long times, like 30 minutes, then the BigBlueButton system will end this meeting automatically 

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